Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i still have this page?

so on my wall, i have these three golf ball-display-cases filled with yo-yo's. i don't know why i have so many when i can hardly manage to throw 2 at a time, but regardless... sometimes i purge some of them and feel good. then i acquire more and feel like i should feel bad. mostly all of the ones i have now are significant to me in one way or another... and yet, i feel that i could give them all away tomorrow and be no worse off. it's an interesting paradox. my friend drew, who is much younger and wiser than me, is always talking about how he loves yo-yoing and not yo-yo's. although i definitely agree that only the former 'matters', it's interesting to look at or hold a certain yo-yo and remember a distant time or a specific person with whom it's connected. i've come to a point where i'm not seeking any more unless they should come to me unlooked for by special means.
a ways back, another friend-and-yo-yoer, doctor popular, wrote a great series of posts documenting some of his own yo-yo's. i don't want to do the same thing he did, per se, so much as i want an excuse to explore and think about some of my old toys, and reflect on the personal connections i perceive in them.

if you don't like yo-yo's, this blog won't hold anything for you for a while... but then... i've never used it so you have no reason to be reading it anyway. i still haven't counted how many i have or how many i'll be featuring. just one at a time, and not every day, and not in any order.

i think i'll begin with...

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