Monday, December 8, 2008

yo-yo #'s 8 and 9: john higby + dinosaurs

john higby dinosaur yo-yo's

i don't have a lot of stories associated with these two yo-yo's, but they speak for themselves.
and they basically say: "john higby is a titan."
in addition to being a ridiculously talented performer, he's a seriously kind and giving gentleman, and has been very good to me.

i sent him a big ben around 2005, and asked him to give me a triceratops skateboarding. he killed it. i don't love big ben's like he does, but i had ordered a clear one for my yo-yo class to use for learning string tricks. when i came to realize that they would need easier, more consistent response, i swapped it for a 201 from my own collection, and sent the big ben off to get arted up. although it's just an ordinary (albeit beautiful) big ben, it suicides better than any yo-yo i have ever owned. i clocked my longest one (while standing still - running suicides are another matter!) at 1.25 seconds.

recently, i sent him some caps and asked for more dinosaurs. though i had originally intended to put these on an mg, i decided against it because i know how fickle i am. once you put caps on an mg, the ONLY way to pry them off is by drilling a hole into em (btw, if you drill the hole PRIOR to snapping the caps in, the yo-yo whistles like a shrieking satelite!) so, i decided to just put ordinary mg caps on my mg, and toss these on a zero i had just procured. said zero is one of the takeshi painted/siliconed ones. it's sort of cream with some yellowish fade. higby's caps are super striking on it, and i like that the yo-yo is kind of an unintentional collaboration between two good friends and great people. i think it looks the boss. i haven't had it long enough to develop a cool story for it, but i assure you, i'll get right on that.

thanks forever, john. you're an artist, and a cool guy, and you deserve all of the awesome things that are happening to you. ;)

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