Friday, December 12, 2008

yo-yo #11: the best looking freehand zero ever

i know i just posted the higby dinosaur zero two posts ago. and i will admit that this yo-yo and that may well be forever deadlocked in a struggle for fhz aesthetic supremacy. still though, i like lavender (i'm masculine that way; my son's room is lavender). so i'ma give this one the edge.

i got this yo-yo from steve matchett (aka mr. match) in 2006. i haven't seen him around on the boards lately, but in a relatively short time, he put out a number of ridiculously amazing dye-jobs, both on polycarb plastic and delrin/celcon. this is my favorite marble-dye ever. i'm not sure what i gave him for this... (i think maybe a white worlds 05 mosquito?) but it was a good deal for me.

the yo-yo itself is just an ordinary white fhz. at some point i sent it to chris hicks to be silicone recessed. it plays like any silicone recessed fhz; wonderfully.

the dye on it is so intricate and fascinating that it feels like a story told in a language i don't understand. i seriously feel that if i had some sort of syllibary, i could "read" and "interpret" this yo-yo. if i was any kind of photographer, i could capture it, but i'm not and i can't. parts of it are kind of a textured "amythest" and others are veined marble. i have no idea how he masked it. i see something new in it every time i pick it up, and it changes hue completely depending on the light. i think the original white caps [on ANY fhz, actually] work perfectly to set off the color and just give it the most classic look ever. whoever designed the fhz caps seriously deserves a double-finger-snap-wink.

this is one of those yo-yo's that i'm nervous about taking outside, and yet i can't resist playing it. at one point, right after receiving it, i took it to linville gorge in the beautiful nc mountains, and i dropped it in the surging pool below the falls (by accident). i recovered it, and consider that a sort of baptism. actually, i'm just glad i didn't ding it.